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‘Normality Proper to the Time is Sickness‘

Fabian Freyenhagen.  Krisis 41.2 (2021): 87-88. DOI:   

‘Economics is the continuation of psychology by other means: Psychic suffering and neoliberalism as a moral economy’

Vladimir Safatle. Cultural Dynamics 34.3 (2022): 134–151. DOI: 

‘Psychoanalyzing democracies: Antagonisms, paranoia, and the productivity of depression’ 

Felix S.H. Yeung. Constellations, online version 25 September 2022. DOI: 

‘Characterising social pathologies: an analytic grid‘. 

Fabian Freyenhagen. Studies in Social and Political Thought 28 (Winter 2018): 15-20, published online 22/02/2019. DOI:  

‘Removing Compliance: Interpersonal and Social Factors Affecting Insight Assessments’

Polona Curk, Fabian Freyenhagen, & Sándor Gurbai.  Frontiers in Psychiatry (17 September 2020). DOI:

‘Social Pathology and Critical Theory’

Fabian Freyenhagen. In: E. Hammer, A. Honneth, & P. Gordon (eds.), Routledge Companion to the Frankfurt School. London (etc.): Routledge, 2018, Chapter 29.

‘Honneth on Social Pathologies: a critique’

Fabian Freyenhagen. Critical Horizons 16.2 (May, 2015): 131–52. DOI:

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