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Past events

Prof Fabian Freyenhagen speaking at Barts Academic Afternoon: "Psychiatry without coercion" 

Wednesday 6th September 2023

Chaired by Dr Martin Zinkler & Prof. Frank Röhricht

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Workshop ‘Political Theory and Mental Health’ 28 Sep 2023

Part of the conference ‘Political Theory in Times of Uncertainty’Bremen, Germany September 27-29, 2023.

Prof. Fabian Freyenhagen will speak about „Sick Normality: Using the idea of social pathology to critique medicalisation and a neoliberal society making its members sick by its own lights“

School Children

Flaschenpost: Critical Theory at 100 Conference,
Harvard University, Center for European Studies,  5-7
 Oct 2023


"Normality proper to this time is sickness: re-actualising the early Institute’s interdisciplinary research programme in relation to the current mental health crisis" Talk by Prof. Fabian Freyenhagen

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